Rudy Helping Liesel

Rudy helps Liesel after she falls and skids her knee on the cement.

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Rudy Steiner is Liesel Meminger's neighbor and best friend. Liesel and Rudy go on this adventure because they are trying to survive the WWII in Germany. Then the death of Rudy Steiner comes up at the end of the movie. Please feel free to copy and paste the YouTube link provided here to watch the death scene of 14-year-old Rudy Steiner from the Book Thief.


Rudy Steiner, Liesel Meminger's best friend smiling. GIF file.

Rudy and Liesel

Rudy met Liesel the first day she came to Himmel Street after her mother was taken away from Liesel for being a communist. After they take away Liesel's mother, Liesel is all alone. After the death of her 6-year-old brother Werner Meminger, Liesel has haunting nightmares the first few nights at her new home/family. Liesel keeps thinking of Werner because she loved him very much. Wouldn't you be sad if your younger brother or sister died because of pneumonia? I know I would!

Werner's Death and Traveling by Train

Werner died in January 1939 when he and her sister were put up to adoption after his father abandons them. He did not make it to Molching, where they would be fostered by the Hubermanns, dying on the train trip of pneumonia, partially due to the poverty of his/Liesel's original family. In his funeral, Liesel found a copy of The Gravedigger's Handbook on the ground. He was 6-years old when he died.

After Liesel arrives at 33 Himmel Street, she dreams of her brother dying every night. Liesel tells Max Vandenburg about her dreams, and Max tells her about his. When she gets mad at the mayor's wife after the mayor stops hiring them for their washing, she thinks of her brother trying to tell her to stop, but Liesel pushes him down the stairs of the mayor's house. The imaginary Werner falls on the steps and his knee gets injured. Later on, when Liesel slowly starts to forgive the mayor, she sees Werner in various states of healing. Finally, near the end of the book, as she matures, she stops having nightmares about Werner and learns to remember him in other ways instead.

Rudy Steiner and Liesel Meminger

Rudy and Liesel arguing . . .

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Rudy's Tragic Death

Towards the end of the book/movie, there was a Himmel Street bombing which took place on October 7th, 1940. Rudy Steiner, and his mother and siblings all died. Even Rosa and Hans Hubermann too! Max returned 5 years later, when Liesel was 16, working at Mr. Steiner's tailor shop.


Rudy, Liesel, and Rosa listening to Liesel's story.

Im only 12

"I'm almost twelve," Rudy shrugs at Rosa Hubermann.

The Book Thief The Death of 14-year-old Rudy Steiner

The Book Thief The Death of 14-year-old Rudy Steiner

The Death of Rudy Steiner

Lemon haired boy

The Lemon haired boy

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Rudy Steiner is the cutest kid ever!!!